We will be running the following courses through the summer. If you would be interested in any of them please email adultenrol@priestley.ac.uk

All courses – apart from Brush Up Your Holiday French – last seven weeks, cost £70 and start 25th April.



Course Starts:             Tuesday April 25th                 6:45 – 8:45 pm

Course length             7 weeks                                   Fee      £70

Please ‘phone the Adult College on 01925 624455 or email adultsenrol@priestley.ac.uk to book a place.


Why take this course?

This course is designed for intermediate writers who have already taken their first tentative steps and are now ready to further develop their writing craft. It’s a great opportunity to take your writing to the next level in a relaxed, pressure free environment, with an award winning writer.


What are the key topics it will cover?

During this course we will explore a number of key topics which are designed to further enhance your skills as a writer. Topics include:

  • Character Arcs
  • Sub-plots & Themes
  • Figurative Language
  • Narrative Conflict
  • Psychic Distance
  • Plot v Story

Throughout the course we will look at a variety of published texts, as well as complete a wide range of practical activities designed to enhance your writing skills. There will also be an opportunity to share your work with the group and develop essential critiquing skills.


Who will this course suit?

This course is suitable for intermediate writers who have previously studied creative writing, or, those who have been writing for some time. It will explore a variety of styles and genres within fictional writing, and will also take a look at the publishing industry and consider ways in which to pitch your work. So, whether you’re writing flash fiction, short stories or novels, there will be something in it for you.


Is there a qualification at the end of the course?

  1. This is a course purely for leisure, pleasure and general interest.


Who will teach you?

Dale Hannah.  Dale is passionate about creative writing. He loves nothing more than sharing his experiences and skills with fellow writers. He has previously had flash fiction and short stories published in anthologies for both adults and children. In 2014 he won a Northern Writers’ Award and the Commonword Diversity Writing Prize. He has an MA in Creative Writing and is also a qualified proof-reader and copy-editor. He is currently working on a novel.

Course Starts:             Tuesday April 25th                 6:45 – 8:45 pm

Course length             7 weeks                                   Fee      £70

Please ‘phone the Adult College on 01925 624455 or email adultsenrol@priestley.ac.uk to book a place.


Why take this course?

It does not matter where your ancestors are from – whether local, British, or from other nations – this course will give you guidance on how to explore your family history.


What are the key topics it will cover?

The course will build on the following topics, as introduced in the beginners’ course:

  • Organizing and planning your research; learning what questions to ask and where to find the answers. Looking after the family “archive”.
  • Family history and the internet – uses and pitfalls, and how to conduct online research and network safely.
  • We will examine some of the key record collections of particular use to beginner genealogists, such as parish registers, wills, electoral registers, trade directories, maps, and poor relief records.
  • We will also look at some basic resources that will help you put your ancestors in the context of the world in which they lived.

Other topics may be added according to the interests of the group and the time available.  The tutor will also suggests activities that can be carried out between classes.


Who will this course suit?

The course has been designed to suit those who have attended the a Family History for Beginners course at Priestley or elsewhere, but is also suitable for any family historian who has made a start on their research but wants to learn more.  The course is also suitable for social and local historians who want insights into the records we will study.


Is there a qualification at the end of this course?

  1. This is a course purely for leisure, pleasure and general interest.


Who will teach you?

Gill Rossini.  Gill has had a passion for the past since childhood, which she attributes to summer holidays spent with her parents exploring the historic churches and monuments of Britain.  It is an enthusiasm which, decades later, shows no sign of abating.  After graduating with BSc Hons in History at Leeds University, she spent some years working in a large reference library before beginning her teaching career in 1988, and has been teaching a wide variety of historical topics to adult students ever since.  Gill’s primary foci as an historian are community and family history, gender, and the histories of disadvantaged groups within society; she also has a strong interest in the history of Greater Manchester and its trade, manufacturing and retail activities.  A huge variety of topics are covered by these interests, with everything from the history of a street to tracing ancestors, deciphering old handwriting or researching graveyards coming within Gill’s sphere of activities.

Gill’s classes are fun, practical and hands-on and you are guaranteed a warm welcome as you learn about the world of the past.  All you need to bring is a notepad and something to write with – and your love of history!  All other materials will be provided.

Gill’s book A History of Adoption in England and Wales, 1850-1961 was published by Pen and Sword in 2014 and will be joined by her second book, a history of same sex relationships 1750-1957, in 2017.  Find out more about Gill at: website: www.gillrossini.com; Twitter @rainbowhistory;  Blog http://rainbowhistorian.blogspot.co.uk/; Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GilRossiniRainbowHistorian/.

Course Starts:             Monday May 8th                   6:45 – 8:45 pm

Course length             5 weeks                                   Fee      £50

Please ‘phone the Adult College on 01925 624455 or email adultsenrol@priestley.ac.uk to book a place.


Why take this course?

Do you enjoy visiting France on holiday?

Do you want to brush up on the basics before you go this summer?

This six-week elementary course will help you improve your basic French in practical holiday situations, such as ordering meals in restaurants, going shopping at the market, asking for information in hotels and campsites, and booking holiday activities.


What are the key topics it will cover?

You will learn to:

  • Introduce yourself at a hotel, gite or campsite and give personal details.
  • Read, understand and order from menus at restaurants.
  • Shop for food, clothes and presents at the market.
  • Book suitable accommodation in a hotel or campsite.
  • Ask for extra facilities in hotels and restaurants and deal with common problems.


Along the way, you will build up your knowledge of French vocabulary and grammar, and improve your confidence and fluency in speaking.


Who will the course suit?

This course is suitable for people with a little knowledge of basic French, who can greet people, give their name, say where they are from and order a drink and a meal at a cafe.

The course is not suitable for people already at good GCSE standard.


Is there a qualification at the end of the course?

No. There are no formal assessments but you will each be given an Individual Learning Plan where you will find key objectives for the course. You will be asked if you have any of your own personal learning objectives and your tutor will try to accommodate these topics if at all possible. We will ask you to review your learning to make sure that everything on the course is meeting your expectations.


Who will teach you?

Ruth Mitchell.

Bonjour!  My name is Ruth, and I am very pleased to be offering this elementary course in French.  I regularly spend my holidays in France, and really appreciate how much knowing the language can add to the overall enjoyment of the holiday.  It’s not just for practical arrangements, but also to get to know people and learn about history and culture.

I am a very enthusiastic and supportive tutor with over 15 years’ experience of teaching French in adult education.  My teaching focus is on encouraging everyone to “have a go”, and on building confidence in speaking and understanding.  Recent students have commented that they found my teaching:

“Clear, well paced and planned.  [Ruth] is extremely patient and creates a friendly learning environment. I highly recommend her. “

I look forward to welcoming you on this course.

Course Starts:             Tuesday April 25th                 6:45 – 8:45 pm

Course length             6 weeks                                   Fee      £60

Please ‘phone the Adult College on 01925 624455 or email adultsenrol@priestley.ac.uk to book a place.


Why take this course?
Adobe Photoshop is one of the creative design industries’ leading and most widely-used software package for image editing and design.  This course will introduce you to some of the more advanced techniques using the latest software on PC platforms.  The course is designed to have a balance of hands on practical exercises and demonstrations through which you will learn various tools such as filters, layer masks and selections using the pen tool to create high standard imagery.  You will be encouraged to use your own photographs during the design processes and work towards developing a strong professional portfolio in completion of the course.

What are the key topics it will cover?


  • Using pen tools to develop a montage in a more complex form
  • Creating own brushes and adding colour to illustrations using brushes
  • HDR imagery
  • Photo montage (David Hockney style)
  • Open project focusing on a technique of your choice


Who will this course suit?
This course will suit learners who have completed the previous Photoshop course (Beginners to Advanced) or are already confident using the techniques covered in that course.  (See course description on website.)  Athough principally targeted at learners who wish to develop their skills as a hobby, the course will also be of interest to anybody considering a career in the photographic industry eg as a freelance photographer, photo editor, photographer’s assistant or technician.

You should have your own digital camera with a lead for transferring images onto the computer.  You will also need a USB memory stick so that you can store your edited photographs.

As you will be working with a computer, you must have basic IT skills: You need to be able to create new folders on the desktop, save images and use menus.  Some understanding of how to use Apple Mac computers would be an advantage but is not essential.

Your work will be personal to you, so above all you need to be prepared to “have a go” and experiment with different ideas.


Is there a qualification at the end of the course?
This is a course purely for leisure, pleasure and general interest.  However, the tutor will provide an indicative list of skills you have practised, if requested.


Who will teach you?

Amy Newton.

Amy is a qualified Teacher with a BA (Hons) in Photography. She works as a Freelance Photographer specialising in weddings, portraits, fashion, events and special occasions. With over 7 years photographic industry experience, she had had the privilege of working for clients such as Sales Sharks Rugby Team, Coronation Street, Johnnie Walker and Bradley Wiggins. Her passion for photography extends to Director of Photography for DV8 Manchester magazine and Editorial Photographer for White Noise Magazine and Sar Magazine. She is a highly creative and skilled photographer with an innovative vision and strive to push photographic boundaries. She is keen to teach creative individuals the “tricks of the trade“ when using photographic technologies and pass on her broad knowledge in this particular field.

Course Starts:             Tuesday April 25th                  6:30 – 8:30 pm

Course length             7 weeks                                   Fee      £70

Please ‘phone the Adult College on 01925 624455 or email adultsenrol@priestley.ac.uk to book a place.


Why take this course?

This is the perfect follow-on to ‘Hanging by a Thread (1)’ or for those with some experience of using a sewing machine. You will continue to work with textiles, developing some of the processes already covered in the first course, (such as felting and free machine stitch) as well as exploring some new techniques.  This is your chance to experiment while producing your own unique ‘final piece(s)’.


Please note that there will be a small additional charge each week (approx. £1 – £3) for materials which the tutor will purchase on your behalf.  Ideally you will already have your own “textiles tool box” containing scissors, needles, thread etc.  You will need to be confident using your own sewing machine, which you can bring to the class provided it has been PAT tested.  (We can arrange PAT testing if required.)



What are the key topics it will cover?

This course has been developed using feedback from the students who completed the introductory textile course (Hanging by a Thread 1).  Each student will work on a personal project piece such as a tote bag or a wall hanging.  With this in mind we will explore surface manipulation, felting, and transferring images to products.



Who will this course suit?

  • Any adult who can use a sewing machine and likes the idea of being more creative and experimental with textiles.
  • Any adult who can use a sewing machine and is interested in exploring ‘surface decoration’ for the first time.
  • It would also be of interest to anyone who is considering undertaking a level 2 course (BTEC) in Textiles and has not already completed a Textiles GCSE/A level.


Is there a qualification at the end of the course?

No.  This is a ‘leisure course’ and has no formal assessment. The aim will be experiment with various textile-related processes and to produce an item to demonstrate your skills. Feedback will be given throughout the course.


Who will teach you?

Maria Livesey.  Maria’s life is grounded in Textiles, Design and Art. She loves drawing and is inspired by unusual textures and materials in textiles.  She started almost 20 years ago with BA Hons in Textile Design and Craft from The Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, where she experimented with knitting, weaving, stitch and print.  After this she specialised in creating her own experimental textiles using plastics and silicone, developing textiles and designed handbags using the materials she produced.

Maria then went on to successfully complete a Master of Arts (MA) in textile development. She has worked in industry and won awards for her designs.  Her handbag designs were found in galleries in the UK and New York.

Since 2004 much of her work has focused on stitched based commissions including family trees and bespoke canvas work.

Over the years she has taught in a variety of settings, including as a lecturer on a HND in Textile Design, teaching textile based crafts (including felt making and free machine stitch) and bag-making. She has also taught Computer Aided Design and Professional Practice.

At other times of the year we run a variety of courses including: photography, baking, textiles, religions and beliefs to name just a few. If you would like more information about these courses email us or return to this page, which we will be updating when we have more information.


We would welcome feedback from ALL of our adult learners about any impact that attending classes has had on their lives. This can range from helping improve your confidence, to overcoming any illnesses. We would also like to hear if it has enabled you to help your children through school or encouraged you to get into volunteering or maybe helped your job prospects.


PLEASE take a few moments to complete this tick list questionnaire and return it to us by email to adultsenrol@priestley.ac.uk or by post to Priestley College, Loushers Lane, Warrington, WA4 6RD. Your contributions would be greatly appreciated.

Adult and Community Learning – Survey Instructions – May 2016

Some courses have entry requirements in order to assess whether these courses are appropriate for you as a learner.

To enrol for the GCSE English course you must have already have a D at GCSE or a Functional English level 2 qualification.  If you do not meet this requirement you can download a pre-course assessment here:* or contact Adult College on 01925 624455 to request a paper copy.  The completed assessment must be returned to college before 6th September 2016.

To enrol for the GCSE Maths course you must already have a D at GCSE or Functional Maths at level 2. If you do not meet this requirement you will need to complete the pre-course assessment in college on 6th September 2016.  Please ring to make an appointment.

To enrol for Science GCSE you must already have a maths GCSE at D or above, or Functional Maths at Level 1.

The evening Functional Maths and English will be for Level 1 and Level 2 only. Pre-course assessments for English will take place in the first session of the course.  The Functional Maths assessment will take place in college on 6th September 2016. Please ring 01925 624455 to make an appointment.

GCSE English Assessment 1617 


Improve your Maths (Evening)

This assessment can be done at home but you should show all of your calculations and it should be completed, if at all possible, without the use of a calculator. If you need to use a calculator to complete a question, please indicate that it was used. If you can’t do a question, please move on to the next one.

Improve your Maths pre assessment paper


Improve Your English ( Evening)

This can be done at home. It should be handwritten and full details of what you are expected to do are given on the assessment paper.

Pre Course Assessment for Improve Your English


If you are you 19+ and uncertain about your future employment or career path , you can get  advice  from the National Careers Service who can provide you with help in making the right choices for learning and employment. To find out more or to contact them, please follow this link to their website.


Click on the link below to find information and contact details of local and national organisations that can help you to make thoughtful and well-informed choices about your next steps in education, training or employment.


Alternative formats of these documents  are available on request from the Adult Learner Services Team. Telephone 01925 624455.

Community Learning Adult Learner Handbook


Summary of Fee Policy 1516

Fee Policy

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