Tailun Sun Q&A about Sutton Trust

Tailun Sun studies Maths, Chemistry, Physics, The Graduate and has taken the Extended Project at Priestley. Here he explains why he applied for a place on the Sutton Trust US programme.


Why did you want to apply for a place?

Firstly, US universities have the highest prestige around the world, which has attracted thousands of academic students and professionals who are highly valued in their academic fields. I am eager to study in the US as there are a lot of opportunities and challenges for me to experience. Also, students studying in some of the great universities in the US will be very self-esteem and self-discipline, they study together and help with each other to achieve their academic success. I am looking forward to being in that motivated and inspirational environment and studying with students and professionals that are friendly, caring and thoughtful. Meanwhile, universities such as Harvard, Princeton, MIT have world-class teaching teams and make outstanding contributions to the development of human science and technology, which fascinates me the most.


What did you have to do to apply?

There are several things you have to do to apply for the Sutton Trust Programme. Firstly, you need to do an eligibility check, which is just a form to fill. Then you are going to fill up your application which includes school details, academic information, additional student information, family information. The final three, which are the extracurricular activities, short essays, and video interview, are very important to your success in this application. You might have done some meaningful activities outside of college to talk about. Also, there will be five short questions for you to answer in the sort essays. For example, they might ask you “how and when you became interested in studying in the US”, “why you think undergraduate study in the US would be a good fit for you and if applicable, any steps you have taken to research undergraduate study in the US.” Speaking about video interview, you have to make a video around 3-5 minutes long. You also should address questions in your interview such as “introduce yourself”, “what would being selected for the programme mean for you” and do a research on some universities in the US.


Is there any experience you are hoping for or something you want to discover by taking part?

I would like to go to study in the US as there are many great world-class professors, students who are self-discipline, hardworking, intelligent. I want to interact with them to improve my study and experience. In addition, I also hope to visit some great laboratories and universities where some great discoveries had made in the past. To open the view of my life, make me think outside of the box, and make me more confident as to what career path I want to follow.


What are you hoping to study and why?

I hope to study computer science or engineering. The reason I have chosen this topic is that I have a very strong interest in AI. Meanwhile, I have a strong desire to learn artificial intelligence in my further education in university. Also, AI has been the most populous topic around all areas of science. As we know, AI is inevitable for technology development. Finding out what it will affect in every aspect of life is beneficial to my career plan and prepares me to face its upcoming impacts and the near future.

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