Abby heads to world’s top college for nannies

Abby Mellis webA STUDENT has realised her dream to be accepted into the top college for nannies in the world.

Abby Mellis, who is studying childcare at Priestley College in Warrington, will be going to Norland College in September.

“I’m so happy because this is something I have been working towards since I was 13,” said Abby, of Appleton Thorn.

“I’ve volunteered at nurseries, babysat for family and been an au pair in France to get the experience I needed so I am over the moon to have made it.”

Abby will be studying at Norland College in Bath where students still wear the respected uniform and receive the very best early years education and training.

Norland has been running courses since 1892, boasts its own Norland Diploma qualification and is recognised internationally as the best in its field.

Nannies who have studied at Norland often go on to work for celebrities and are therefore trained in safe driving at high speeds and self defence to prepare them for potential future scenarios.

However, Abby’s plan is to work with a family for a few years before setting up nurseries that specialise in care for children with learning difficulties.

She has dyslexia and has received extra support at both Cransley School, Priestley and from her mum that has helped her achieve her goal.

“I have received a lot of support so I appreciate the difference that can make to a young person,” she said.

“It will be a very rewarding thing to do and I have always wanted to work in that field.”

Abby, 17, has been studying BTECs in Children and Young People’s Workforce as well as Children’s Play, Learning and Development at Priestley College, combining them with AS Levels in Graphics and Business.

Now she is looking forward to taking on the challenges she will face at Norland College.

“I’m looking forward to all aspects of the college from the work to wearing the uniform,” said Abby.

Bev Devlin, Head of Health and Education at Priestley, said: “This is a very prestigious opportunity and one that we are very proud that Abby has attained her place.

“The qualifications that she has studied at Priestley and her experiences with children have served her very well. We wish her well in her continued studies at Norland.”

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