Aimee secures Cambridge offer

A STUDENT who enjoys solving linguistic problems has conquered one of the biggest challenges of all – how to secure a place at Cambridge.

Aimee Cartwright, who is currently studying A-Levels at Priestley College, faced a day of interviews and tests at the university before receiving an offer.

In doing so, she becomes the first member of her immediate family to secure a place at university.

“My parents were both hoping I would get in, but none of us expected it because only one in five people receive an offer,” said Aimee, who is 18.

“I started to take an interest in studying at Oxbridge when I was at high school, but it was only when I took The Graduate at Priestley that it started to feel realistic.”

Aimee currently studies A-Levels in French, English Language and Religious Studies at Priestley and needs two A*s and an A to reach Cambridge. In Year 1 at Priestley she also took Sociology and believes the extra AS-Level helped her application stand out.

She is also on Priestley’s Graduate programme, which is designed to help students secure places at the UK’s top universities as well as prepare them for if they are successful.

Aimee, a former Great Sankey High School pupil, hopes to study French as well as Spanish for Beginners at Cambridge.

During an interview for each subject she had to answer questions in French and English and then speak a sentence of Spanish to prove some knowledge of the language. There was also a written test on the day.

Aimee was inspired to take up languages after seeing her grandparents attempting to learn Spanish after moving abroad.

“I’m not a very scientific or mathematic person, but I love problem solving in languages,” she said.

“There’s not one right answer because when you translate a phrase people can interpret it in different ways and that’s one of the things I like about it.”

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