Archaeologists delve into the past

Oliver Lister with Adam Caris and Professor John Gowlett
Oliver Lister with Adam Caris and Professor John Gowlett

A PROFESSOR took students back in time during a lecture at Priestley College.

Professor John Gowlett, from Liverpool University, spoke to A Level Archaeology students about important milestones in human evolution.

“It was a good opportunity for them to hear from such an eminent expert in the field of evolutionary anthropology,” said Priestley Tutor Oliver Lister.

“What really excited the students was that it became clear there is still so much to discover.”

Professor Gowlett is a member of the British Association for the Advancement of Science and the Prehistoric Society.

He was at Priestley as part of the Festival of Social Science, which aims to show how social science research influences our social, economic and political lives.

Using artefacts such as primitive stone hand-axes to bring his talk to life, Professor Gowlett explained how the human brain has developed over millions of years.

Together with PhD student Adam Caris he explained how people mastered fire and the difference it made to their lives.

“They covered topics we wouldn’t normally touch on in college and it was great for the students to hear it from a researcher’s point of view,” said Oliver.

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