Thank you for choosing to submit an audition to study one of the Performing Arts courses at Priestley College. We are looking forward to seeing your piece and excited at the thought of you joining us in September.

You can upload your auditions between Monday 19th April and Friday 23rd April.

If you wish to audition for more than one subject, then you will need to upload your auditions in the separate subject areas.

For example, if you wish to audition for BTEC Dance and A-Level Drama, you will record and upload your dance footage to the link in the Dance area and your monologue to the link in the Drama area.

prepare for your audition

Step 1

Please make sure you are wearing appropriate clothing and are in a workable space.

Step 2

Check your background, don’t have anything in view that you don’t want us to see.

Step 3

Please do not record yourself in your bedroom, use a less personal space.

Step 4

Please make sure you say your name before you begin.

your audition

Press the button below that relates to the subject you are interested in auditioning for and follow the instructions.

Remember, if you are submitting auditions for two different disciplines you must do so using the relevant button that relates to each subject.

Do not fill out the form until you are ready to upload your audition.

In short..

PREPARE your audition

PERFORM and RECORD your audition

UPLOAD your audition


Good luck and we hope to see you soon.

Any questions?

If you have any questions regarding audition content, please get in touch at

If you would like to contact a Drama teacher please email Helen >

If you would like to contact a dance teacher email Rachel >

If you would like to contact a music teacher email Michael Grainger >

If you have any questions about Musical Theatre please contact the team >

Abbie (Acting)

Sarah (Singing)

Nancy (Dance)


If you have any issues at all with the audition process – or have changed your mind about studying a performance subject – please email

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