Becky and Megan’s sister act

Megan and Rebecca Sutch
Megan and Rebecca Sutch

BECKY Sutch will be a hard act to follow, but students at Priestley College believe they have found just the person – her sister.

They have elected Megan Sutch as President of the College Council, replacing her big sister who has performed the role for the past year.

The former Bankfield School pupils, who live in Billington Road, Widnes, were elected by their peers and it is thought to be the first time in the Warrington college’s history that siblings have proceeded each other as president.

“I’m proud to have had the opportunity to be College President and I’m really pleased Megan is following on from me,” said Becky.

“I feel I am leaving a completely different person to the one who started college because the extra responsibilities I have taken on have really improved my confidence.”

Both sisters were selected for Priestley’s prestigious Graduate programme, which prepares students to be competitive in the international marketplace for universities and employment.

However, the similarities end there. Megan likes her Maths and Science as well as sport while her sister prefers English and History and will be going to York University in October to study language and linguistics.

“People think we look similar, but our personalities are very different,” said Megan, who is 16. “Beck is more reserved whereas I tend to speak my mind a bit more.”

As College President Becky has represented her fellow students at open events, assemblies, school visits and governors’ meetings.

Her team became friends during the year despite not knowing one another before they started in the roles.

“Everyone on the council was very supportive and we became good friends,” said Becky, 18.

“I’m very passionate about college and want people to know it is not just two years of your life that you will forget, it is a stepping stone for your future.”

Megan, who plays hockey for Priestley, is hoping to follow in the footsteps of her sister while also making her own mark on college life.

She said there was little to improve at Priestley, but one goal was to introduce social events for first years to help them settle in and make new friends.

“The new college council has already come up with some new ideas and I can’t wait to start working with them,” she said.

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