Biologists enjoy a day at the beach

YOUNG biologists headed to the beach to put their scientific skills to the test.

About 80 students from Priestley conducted random sampling on the shoreline at Formby using quadrants. They applied techniques used to measure the abundance of populations both on the beach and in nearby woodland.

“At Priestley we believe in getting students out into the field wherever we can so they can put into practice the things we discuss in College,” said Tutor Louise Norbury.

“The weather was not great in Formby, but everyone was smiling because they love to take what they have learnt and put it to the test.”

The A Level students investigated the microcosms of the sand dunes and the woodland. They will now use their investigations for work back in the classroom.

Priestley offers AS and A2 biology to students, many of whom go on to careers in medicine, veterinary science, environmental health and pharmacy.

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