Business with charity in mind

IT’S A SELLOUT: Business students were selling out of stock and giving their profits to Children in Need today

STUDENTS learned valuable lessons while running their own businesses at Priestley College today.

The Business students found out about profit and loss and buying the right stock as they ran stalls in the Crescent reception area.

Patrick Cullen, Jacob Chisnall and Alex Banner (pictured) were set to double their money as their cakes, cookies and lollies sold out.

“We’ve learnt what to buy and what will sell,” said Alex, 16.

Patrick, also 16, added: “We’re trying to make a profit and that money will go to charity.”

In an Apprentice-style challenge, several teams were selling various goods to fellow students and tutors. They obviously decided most people had a sweet tooth as there were lots of chocolate and sweets available.

All money raised from the sales will go to Children in Need.

Priestley offers business as an A Level course as well as BTEC Level 2 and 3. The courses cover customer service, finance and communication and aim to prepare students for university courses in accounting and financial management or apprenticeships.

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