Cabin Crew share secrets of success

CABIN CREW WORKSHOP webSTUDENTS got a taste of the high life when they learnt how to be members of a cabin crew.

Cabin Crew Workshop visited Priestley College in Warrington and shared some of the secrets to becoming the perfect airline hosts and hostesses.

They shared tips on group interview techniques, creating a good first impression, personal grooming and effective communication.

“Students enjoyed the practical workshops and group work the most,” said Tutor Vicky Turner.

The Cabin Crew Workshop team have 40 years of flying experience between them on eight different types of aircraft.

They usually train people at airports, but visited Priestley College to share their knowledge and passion for the industry with a younger generation.

CABIN CREW WORKSHOP - GROUP2 webTheir practical exercises are designed to develop teamwork and communication skills as well as boost confidence.

The students, who are all studying BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Travel and Tourism, were also given invaluable information about airline safety, customer service and how to present a professional manual demonstration.

“It was a great experience for them and one they thoroughly enjoyed,” said Vicky. “It may have even inspired some of them to consider becoming a cabin crew member themselves in the future.”

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