Coastal retreat inspires artists

ARTISTS have drawn inspiration from landscapes for centuries.

So it was no surprise when Art and Design students from Priestley College produced work worthy of exhibition during a stay at Robin Hood’s Bay on the North East coast.

In fact they showcased their collection of sculptures, photographs, paintings and textiles during the residential at the YHA Boggle Hole.

“The response from students to the landscape and from the public to their work was incredible,” said Tutor Steve Lane.

“We’ve stayed here four times now and every time it has been a special experience for everyone involved.”

Several years ago the manager of the YHA wrote to Principal Matthew Grant praising Priestley’s students talent and behaviour following their stay.

Standards were similarly high this year. First the artists headed to the beach where they cleaned it of plastic and other waste materials.

Not only did this lend an environmental theme to their stay, it also provided them with materials for their artwork.

“We had to throw them out of the studio at night because they were still in there working at 10pm,” said Steve.

For former Lymm High pupil Sophie Hughen the highlight of the trip was bonding with fellow students and the tutors.

“As a whole Foundation Art cohort we were brought even closer and spent the week getting to know one another, sharing stories and experiences over walks through the beautiful landscapes and also whilst creating a variety of artwork,” she said.

“I learnt that being surrounded by people who are so artistically inclined and share the same passion as yourself pushes you to do better.

“You can gain inspiration from every art form even if it is not your own.”

Priestley College is still interviewing for placements on its Art Foundation course. If you would be interested contact

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