3D Product Design And Technology

A Level

Reasons to study this course

  • You have a passion for design and problem solving.
  • You have a creative and practical mind.
  • You want to progress into areas such as 3D Design, Industrial Design, Product Design, Manufacturing, Business, Engineering, Interior Design, Sports Design, Ergonomics, Automotive Design and Architecture.

What you will study

A broad range of materials such as composites, metals, polymers and timbers and how their different properties suit different products and processes. The wider issues of green and sustainable design, biodegradable materials, methods of production, inclusive design solutions. Case studies that analyse individual products and how they relate to modern manufacturing systems, ICT in manufacturing and Product Design, the work of designers as well as and human needs and factors.

How you will be assessed

50% exams

50% coursework

Self-set project assessed by your tutor and moderated by the exam board


University degrees in Industrial Design, Product Design, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Ergonomics, Marketing, Manufacturing/Production, Architecture, Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacture, together with a full range of craft based subjects. Employment and apprenticeships such as Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering or Architectural apprenticeship. Priestley alumni have gone on to careers in many areas including teaching and design at companies such as Jaguar, Kellogg’s, Formula One McLaren and Shell.