Reasons to study this course

  • Chemistry is everywhere, from microscopic organisms to distant galaxies, from medical discoveries to volcanic eruptions.
  • It is the only science that is compulsory for further study of medicine.
  • Opportunities to develop teamwork, communication, digital, scientific literacy and application of number skills.
  • You will have the chance to conduct experiments as well as take part in discussions and problem solving.

What you will need to study this course

  • minimum grade 5 in GCSE Science, Maths (6 desirable) and English Language

What you will study

Year 1 (AS) – Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry.

Year 2 (A-Level) – kinetics, equilibria, organic chemistry, energetics, redox and inorganic chemistry.

The AS course can be completed as a stand-alone qualification.

How you will be assessed

Year 1 (AS) – two 1.5-hour exams (practical-based exam questions will appear in both papers)

Year 2 (A-Level) – three two-hour exams (practical-based exam questions worth 15%)

Practical skills will be assessed throughout the course and in the exams. Progress will be monitored throughout the year.

Priestley Extra

Additional courses to assist career choices in Medicine, Forensics, Chemistry and Veterinary Science. Chance to represent the college in the Schools’ Analyst of the Year competition, Chemistry Olympiad and Cambridge Chemistry Challenge. Visits to Christmas Flash Bang at Manchester University, Liverpool University and others to participate in workshops, local industry to see practical applications of chemistry.


University, apprenticeships and careers in Medicine, Dentistry, Environmental, Forensics, Food and Textiles Sciences, Pharmacy, Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry.

Recommended reading

Head Start to A-Level Chemistry

Why Chemical Reactions Happen James Keeler, Peter Wothers

The Disappearing Spoon, Sam Kean

Compound Chemistry

Ted Talks

Choosing Your Study Programme

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