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Reasons to study this course

  • The course offers exciting and interesting experiences that will help you understand what happens from crime scene to courtroom.
  • It will help prepare you for studying criminology at university and a career in criminal justice, such as a forensic scientist.
  • Explore why people commit crime looking at psychology and sociology, as well as how society tackles crime through the law, policing and punishment.
  • Learn about different types of crime and people’s perceptions of crime as well as how they are investigated.

What you will need to study this course

  • ability to construct logical and critical arguments using proven sociological knowledge
  • ability to articulate arguments effectively in class discussions and written assessments
  • strong time management and independent learning skills

What you will study

A wide range of crimes and people’s reasons for not reporting it. The importance of changing public perceptions of crime as well as the skills required to plan a campaign for change in relation to crime. How changes in criminological theory have influenced policy. You will develop an ability to review criminal cases and evaluate evidence to determine whether the verdict is safe and just. Learn about the criminal justice system in England and Wales and how it operates to achieve social control.

How you will be assessed

Exams and internal coursework assessments.

Priestley Extra

You will have the chance to attend student conferences and visit court to see the criminal justice system in action.

Your essays will also be considered for publication in our Crime Stories magazine, which you can view here > Crime Stories


Students will gain the required knowledge to be able to consider employment within some aspects of the criminal justice sector e.g. Probation Service, Police Force or alternatively use the qualification to support access to higher/further education courses e.g. Criminology, Criminal Justice and Law.

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