Dance (A-Level)

Reasons to study this course

  • This is a stimulating and exciting exploration into the world of professional dance, preparing you for further dance studies at university.
  • You will develop technical, performance, creative and theoretical dance skills.
  • You will have the opportunity to perform in front of live audiences.

What you will need to study this course

  • passion and commitment for studying and participating in contemporary dance
  • creativity and an explorative mind to choreography
  • enjoy performing in front of a live audience
  • previous dance training, preferably in the contemporary or ballet genre, sufficient enough to participate in an intermediate dance technique class
  • GCSE English Grade 4 or equivalent to successfully complete an audition

What you will study

Contemporary dance technique and performance. Choreography for solos, groups, duets and quartets. Also Critical Engagement – the analysis of professional dance works and companies. Also safety of the dancer.

How you will be assessed

50% practical (solo, duet, quartet) and 50% theory (critical engagement)

Priestley Extra

Oxygen is the college’s contemporary dance company which consists of a group of talented, dedicated and passionate dancers who strive to create interesting and original works from a variety of different stimuli, whilst also continuing to develop their technical skills. The process and exploration of choreographing is an extremely important part of the company, as is the opportunity to showcase dance works and perform to live audiences. Application is through audition and is open to anyone studying at Priestley College.


A-Level Dance prepares students for higher education. The course is academic as well as practical and is therefore best suited to students who wish to pursue a career in Dance by taking the next step to university.

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