Dance (BTEC Level 3)

Reasons to study this course

  • We have an outstanding success rate and opportunities for progression into leading dance colleges and universities across the country.
  • You will take part in diverse and rigorous training in a multitude of dance styles and genres.
  • We organise visiting professional dance company workshops.
  • Your training will take place in a professional and rewarding environment.
  • There will be opportunities to perform in a variety of showcases and public performances.

What you will need to study this course

  • passion, drive and ambition to succeed in improving your dance skills
  • commitment and time management skills to meet all coursework deadlines
  • professionalism at all times
  • supportive and encouraging of others in order to create a positive and supportive working environment

What you will study

Exploration of dance styles for example Jazz, Contemporary and Dance Theatre

Development of choreographic skills

Development of performance skills

Exploration of the professional dance industry, dance career opportunities, self promotion etc.

How you will be assessed

Project-based assignments throughout the programme

Your progress will be continuously monitored and assessed

Priestley Extra

Oxygen is the college’s contemporary dance company, which strives to create interesting and original works from a variety of different stimuli, whilst also continuing to develop your technical skills. The process and exploration of choreographing is an extremely important part of the company, as is the opportunity to showcase dance works and perform to live audiences. Application is through audition and is open to anyone studying at Priestley College.


The BTEC course alongside the support, guidance and audition preparation offered by staff will thoroughly prepare you for your next stage of training at the country’s leading dance colleges.

Choosing Your Study Programme

What can you study ?
How does it all work ?

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