No Of Blocks:1

Reasons to study this course

  • You want to enhance your chances of success in your career through the development of your verbal and physical communication skills and confidence.
  • You have a passion for reading plays and watching theatre and want to develop your experience of both.
  • You want to expand your understanding of different styles of theatre and influential practitioners.
  • You would like to develop your acting and increase your skill set.

What you will need to study this course

  • grade 4 or higher in GCSE English
  • grade 4 or higher in GCSE Drama or extensive relevant experience if it was not an option at your school
  • successfully complete an audition
  • high levels of commitment, attendance and punctuality
  • love of reading
  • ability to study independently

What you will study

In the first year you will explore a number of different plays that will lead to two performances as part of your exams. A further play will form the basis of your written exam. You will also review live theatre performances throughout the year. Also, you will be expected to read plays, watch performances and research practitioner methodologies as part of your independent studies.

How you will be assessed

Year 1 – Two performances and coursework (60%)

Written exam (40%)

Year 2 – One performance and coursework (20%)

Two performances and coursework (40%)

Written exam (40%)

Priestley Extra

Independent reading and theatre visits. Workshops run by industry professionals and ex students who have studied at elite institutions. Annual New York visit (if enough students are interested).


Many students go on to study drama or acting at university or the UK’s top theatre schools including East 15, Guildford School of Acting and Manchester Met. Others have successfully pursued careers in law, nursing, social work, business, education, science, sport and many other fields.

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