A Level


  • If you are interested in learning about the language, culture, history and current affairs of the French-speaking world, you will really enjoy French A-Level at Priestley.
  • You will have a weekly individual oral lesson with our French assistant, Sabine, who is from Paris.
  • We build on familiar GCSE work and then move on to interesting topics about France and the French-speaking world.
  • You will have a chance to learn a beautiful and exciting language in a small class, where we can individualise our support for your learning
  • You can combine French with many other courses at college.



Year 1 (AS) – the changing nature of family life; the use of technology in French speaking countries; the role of volunteering, francophone music; French speaking cinema; French cultural heritage; a French film – “au revoir les enfants”.

Year 2 (A-Level) – the advantages of a diverse society; marginalised people in French society; how to treat criminals effectively in France; young French people’s engagement with politics; trade unions and strikes; the politics of immigration; a book – “No et moi”.



Year 1 (AS) – one comprehension exam 40% marks, one essay exam 30% marks; one speaking exam 30% marks.

Year 2 (A-Level) – one comprehension exam 50% marks; one essay exam 20% marks; one speaking exam 30% marks.



Some of our students go on to study French languages as a major of their university education course, and others have found French to be the key to gaining an apprenticeship. There has been a growing trend in many university courses where modern languages are combined with other subjects, such as business and management, marketing, accountancy, law, engineering, sciences, IT, arts and music. Universities highly value the intellectual rigour and skills of an A-level in a modern language. Post Brexit French is likely to be more in demand by British businesses. Modern languages graduates are in demand with 96% of students finding employment.


Suggested summer activities

For the summer holidays, it is highly advisable to revise your GCSE grammar, in order to be ready to embark on the course, GCSE Bitesize French will help you revise and get up to speed for the start of AS;  have a look at the grammar section with the videos and little tests.   It is also advisable to start to follow French current events, even as they appear on the English news, as this will a great help for ideas in your speaking exam.  Have a look on Netflix or Amazon Prime or Channel 4’s All 4, as there are some excellent subtitled films and drama series on at the moment.


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