Reasons to study this course

  • Weekly one-to-one speaking lessons.
  • Small classes and varied lessons.
  • We provide a vibrant linguistic experience in a welcoming and reassuring environment.
  • An A-Level in German will benefit you in your application to university and give you a competitive edge as you pursue a career.

What you will need to study this course

  • GCSE English – usually minimum grade 5
  • GCSE German – usually minimum grade 5
  • a commitment to learn vocabulary and practise grammar outside of lesson time
  • an interest in current affairs and culture in German-speaking countries

What you will study

Year 1 (AS) – lifestyles of young people in German-speaking countries, exploring the changing state of the family, the digital world, fashion, music, TV, festivals and traditions, art and architecture and the cultural life in Berlin. Our AS cultural topic is the film ‘Good Bye, Lenin!’

Year 2 (A-Level) – integration and multiculturalism and the effect on German society. Political life in German-speaking countries, young people and politics, the reunification of Germany and its consequences. The literary text ‘Der Vorleser’.

How you will be assessed

Year 1 (AS) – one listening and reading comprehension exam; one essay exam; one speaking exam (conducted by your teacher)

Year 2 (A-Level) – a listening and reading comprehension paper; one essay exam and one speaking exam (conducted by your teacher)

Priestley Extra

In the current climate we feel optimistic that we will be able to offer a range of enrichment activities including university language events, grammar and revision workshops.


There has been an expansion in recent years in the number of university courses where languages are combined with other subjects, such as business and management, marketing, accountancy, law, engineering, sciences, IT, arts and music. The ability to use languages has been highly prized by employers.

Choosing Your Study Programme

What can you study ?
How does it all work ?

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