A Level


  • A-Level German is always in great demand in the business world, government, diplomacy and industry.
  • Lesson activities are varied, we work in small groups and regularly use mobile technology such as phone apps and online software.
  • Each week you will have an individual oral lesson with our German assistant.
  • We provide a vibrant linguistic experience in a welcoming and reassuring environment.



Year 1 (AS):  Family, the digital world; youth culture- fashion; music, TV; festivals and traditions; art and architecture; the cultural life of Berlin; cultural topic 1: a film – ‘Good Bye, Lenin!’

Year 2 (A-Level): Immigration; integration; racism; Germany and the EU; young people and politics; the re-unification of Germany and its consequences; cultural topic 2: a literary text – ‘Der Vorleser’.



Year 1 (AS) – one comprehension exam 40% marks; one essay exam 30% marks; one speaking exam 30% marks.

Year 2 (A-Level) – one comprehension exam 50% marks; one essay exam 20% marks; one speaking exam 30% marks.



Many of our students go on to study German as a major or minor part of their higher education course.  There has been an explosion in recent years in the number of university courses where languages are combined with other subjects, such as business and management, marketing, accountancy, law, engineering, sciences, IT, arts and music. The ability to use languages has been highly prized by employers. Modern languages graduates have the edge because of their transferable skills and ability to communicate in a highly competitive global business market.


Suggested summer activities

For the summer holidays, it is highly advisable to revise your GCSE grammar in order to be ready to embark on the course.  Some excellent websites are BBC bitesize and Deutsche Virtuelle Grammatik.   It is also advisable to keep up with German news in preparation for the speaking exam.  An excellent site to look at on a daily basis is 100 SekundenTagesschau which provides you daily with the most important issues in just 100 seconds.  It will also train your listening skills in preparation for the listening exam.  For easier access, try German news for children.  This site allows you to watch films suitable for young people.


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