Graphic Design (A-Level)

Reasons to study this course

  • You want to develop your design skills.
  • You have ambition to progress into advertising, website design, illustration, computer game design, publishing and printmaking.
  • Staff will encourage you to work to your individual strengths and interests.
  • Students progress to university to study Art or Design, or the creative industries.

What you will need to study this course

  • to be visually aware
  • commitment to creative development of idea
  • enthusiasm for producing personal and unique work
  • passion for the subject

What you will study

You will develop skills including a combination of traditional materials and computer-based processes and techniques using industry-standard software (Adobe Creative Suite). Creation of original type and imagery. You will also be encouraged to experiment and research a wide range of more traditional methods of image making, to fully explore your ideas. You will develop general art and design skills using a variety of media including drawing and painting, photography, and art history. You will also learn specialist skills ranging from digital image making, advertising, typography and publishing.

How you will be assessed

Mainly coursework

Submission of digital and presentation folders

Priestley Extra

Gallery visits designed to enrich your own practice. Research trips, speakers from universities and industry to discuss career progression.


You will build a strong portfolio that will allow you to apply for top university places or go on to work in the Creative Industries, in full-time employment or apprenticeships. Other options include progression onto the Art Foundation course.

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Choosing Your Study Programme

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