Reasons to study this course

  • Why do you choose the brands you buy? How are you influenced to buy new products or services? If you were asked to promote an event only using your mobile, how would you do it? This course will provide you with the answers and enable you to put into practice what you learn.

  • This is a one year course and is equivalent to one full A-Level.

  • Throughout this course you will study, in depth, the marketing industry and principles and processes of marketing.  In the final unit you will focus on the creation of a marketing plan which will include the production of advertisements.

  • The course has been developed in consultation with employers and professional bodies. This ensures that content is appropriate and consistent with current industry practice, to enable learners to enter employment directly.

  • Higher Education institutions have been consulted to ensure that content allows appropriate progression for those aspiring to go on to higher-level study.

What you will need to study this course

  • The usual requirements for a Level 3 course.
  • Passion for marketing and advertising

What you will study

Unit 1: Careers in Marketing

The marketing industry is constantly changing and growing, there are many different opportunities for employment. To have a successful career in marketing, It is vital that you understand the industry and the types of behaviour, values, skills and techniques required to participate in it.

In this unit you will:

  • Examine the organisation of the marketing industry in the UK
  • Investigate careers in the marketing industry
  • Undertake recruitment activities for a job role in the marketing industry, which will involve an application and interview process
  • Reflect on your own performance in the recruitment process to prepare for a career in the marketing industry.


Unit 2: Marketing Principles

In this unit, you will study a range of marketing activities, including investigating how research is used and how important it is to check that it is valid and reliable. You will look at how and why organisations segment the market and how and why marketing activities are adapted according to the different segments identified. You will understand consumer behaviour in a marketing context. You will explore the importance of marketing strategies and campaigns to support the ethos of an organisation and of the importance of adapting the 7Ps of the marketing mix to the stage of the product life cycle for a product or service.

Unit 3: Customer Communications

You will look at the processes involved in creating a successful customer communications plan. You will learn about different types of customer and how these customers make buying decisions. You will explore the purpose of marketing communications and the range of tools available.

You will then put into practice what you have learned in the creation of a customer communications plan, including the production of TV, print, radio and online advertisements.  You will then measure the plan’s effectiveness.

In this unit you will:

  • Explore segmentation, targeting and positioning and the influences on the customer

decision-making process

  • Investigate the customer communications process for a specific product or service
  • Plan and create customer communications for a specific product or service
  • Present customer communications for a specific product or service.

How you will be assessed

Unit 1: Careers in Marketing – coursework unit

Unit 2: Marketing Principles – externally assessed exam

Unit 3: Customer Communications – coursework unit


Marketing degrees and careers in the industry.

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