Music (A-Level)

Reasons to study this course

  • Excellent preparation for further study in Music and a career in the music industry.
  • Expand your awareness of different styles including Popular, Jazz, and Classical.
  • Develop your knowledge of music theory, listening skills, musical analysis and composition.
  • Increase your understanding of performance practice and improve your technical skill on your instrument or voice.

What you will need to study this course

  • to be confident and skilled performer at grade 5 or above
  • to successfully complete an audition
    a passion for different styles of music
    experience reading music notation and ideally have, or be working towards, grade 5 music theory
    enthusiasm for creating and analysing music

What you will study

A range of musical scores and recordings using software such as Cubase, Sibelius, Auralia and Musition. Music, analysis, score reading abilities and listening skills. Focus on performance technique. Learn advanced compositional techniques by studying a variety of key styles, composers and pieces.

How you will be assessed

Six-minute recording based on your chosen repertoire that you will develop throughout the year (30%)

Two compositions, one to a brief and one a free composition in any style, totaling 4½ minutes (30%).

An exam (40%), testing listening and analysis skills as well as knowledge and understanding of musical works.

Priestley Extra

Take part in recording workshops, ensemble performances, concert trips, guest speakers from the music industry and the college productions. Attend professional workshops and residential trips throughout the year.


Study at university or at a music conservatoire such as the RNCM and Leeds College of Music. Career options including performer, composer, musical director, teacher and music critic.

Choosing Your Study Programme

What can you study ?
How does it all work ?

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