Music Production

Reasons to study this course

  • You are a keen music maker and enjoy producing music using computers.
  • You enjoy listening to, and analysing, music.
  • You are interested in sound recording technology
  • You enjoy using electronic devices to create your own sounds.
  • If you play an instrument you will have the opportunity to incorporate your performances into your own compositions (you will not be required to perform to an audience).
  • Can be combined with Music Performance to create a 2 A level Equivalent combined course. You may also choose to top this up to the equivalent of 3 A Levels by taking Music Performance and the Extended Music option

What you will need to study this course

Experience using computers to create music either at school, home or within another setting. Most students will also play an instrument to a competent level and have experience writing / composing although it is not essential to play an instrument.

What you will study

DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) techniques, mixing and mastering audio files, synthesis and sampling, composing for media destinations.

How you will be assessed


Priestley Extra

Priestley has strong connections within the music and events industry. We have regular talks and workshops with industry professionals such as music producers, product specialists and touring sound engineers who are all working at the highest level. Five-day residential at world-famous Rockfield studios where Queen recorded Bohemian Rhapsody.


University specialising in music production, performance, sound engineering, acoustics, event management and electronic product design. Graduates have progressed to careers in live sound and recording studio settings as well as radio, television and computer games production work.

Choosing Your Study Programme

What can you study ?
How does it all work ?

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