A Level


  • It will give you the opportunity to acquire invaluable unique skills that will help in your future careers whatever that might be.
  • If you enjoy learning about the language, culture, history and current affairs of the Spanish-speaking world, you will definitely enjoy Spanish A-Level at Priestley.
  • You will have a weekly individual oral lesson with our Spanish assistant, Norma, who is from Peru and will individually support you with your pronunciation and fluency.
  • You will participate in pairs and small group lesson activities where you will consolidate what you have learnt at GCSE and then progress to A-Level topics.
  • You will be able to use phone apps such as online dictionaries, Google classrooms and Quizlet.
  • You will be able to combine Spanish with many other courses at college.



Year 1 (AS) – Family life and the influence of the Catholic church; the use of technology in Spanish speaking countries; the role of women and LGBT rights in the Hispanic world; the influence of Hispanic idols ; the diversity of regional identity in Spain; the diversity of Hispanic culture and artists ; a Spanish film – “Ocho apellidos vascos”.

Year 2 (A-Level) – the advantages of a diverse society, the impact of racist attitudes and examples of integration in the Hispanic world ; the importance of politics for young people in the Hispanic world;  dictatorships in Spain and Latin America; the evolution of the monarchy in Spain; popular movements in the Hispanic world  ; a book – “La casa de Bernarda Alba ”.



Year 1 (AS) – one comprehension exam 40% marks, one essay exam 30% marks; one speaking exam 30% marks.

Year 2 (A-Level) – one comprehension exam 40% marks, one essay exam 30% marks, one speaking exam 30% marks.



Universities highly value the intellectual rigour and skills of an A-Level in a modern language. Modern languages graduates are in demand with 96% of students finding employment.


Suggested summer activities

An excellent and fun way to maintain your Spanish language during this summer is to listen and learn lyrics in Spanish with the latest Spanish song (“Se acabó el amor” or “Échame la Culpa“ which you can download or watch on Youtube).  You can also watch the latest international hit TV series “La casa de papel” which is available on Netflix.

Some excellent websites are where you can train your listening skills and practice a range of activities.   You can also try reading short articles You do not have to understand every word only the gist of the issue. Vocabulary is key to success so to increase your range of vocabulary download “Quizlet” app on your phone and join the class “AS Spanish year 1 – Cristina Pinon