Classical Civilisation

Reasons to study this course A chance to learn about the Classical World of Ancient Greece and Rome – the foundation of our modern world. Study the Classical World’s great people, wars, sacrifices, ideas, gods and epic stories. Read and learn about some of the most exciting adventure stories from the ancient imagination. Develop a… Continue Reading Classical Civilisation


Reasons to study this course The course offers exciting and interesting experiences that will help you understand what happens from crime scene to courtroom. It will help prepare you for studying criminology at university and a career in criminal justice, such as a forensic scientist. Explore why people commit crime looking at psychology and sociology,… Continue Reading Criminology

Extended Project

Reasons to study this course Around half our candidates achieve A* and A. Universities may make you a lower grades offer when you apply through UCAS. You will develop independent learning skills. Chance to choose your own topic and title. You can link it to your future career. It is a one-year course; some students… Continue Reading Extended Project


Reasons to study this course To develop a range of essential skills for Higher Education and the world of work. You will study interesting content, which is relevant to any citizen in the 21st century. Through exciting topics, learners will understand the nature of physical and human geography whilst unpicking the debates surrounding the contemporary… Continue Reading Geography


Reasons to study this course​ History is well-respected by universities and employers because of the analytical skills you develop. It opens doors to a wide range of careers including law, journalism and teaching. Two course options: Early Modern History and Modern History. What you will need to study this course interest, curiosity and a genuine… Continue Reading History


Reasons to study this course Consider the big questions such as: ‘What is knowledge?’ ‘What do good, bad, right and wrong really mean?’ ‘Is the concept of God incoherent?’ and ‘What is mind?’ Philosophy is a highly-regarded subject that will strongly support university applications. What you will need to study this course self-motivation ability to… Continue Reading Philosophy


Reasons to study this course Politics has never been more relevant. You will develop skills valued by universities and employers including source analysis, evaluation and the ability to construct academic arguments. Politics complements a wide variety of other subjects such as History, Law and English. What you will need to study this course a real… Continue Reading Politics


Reasons to study this course You enjoy the ‘scientific study of human behaviour and experiences’. You have an inquisitive, enquiring mind and are interested in people. You enjoy reading, writing, independent research and analysis and interpretation and presentation of data using statistics. What you will need to study this course a creative thought process ability… Continue Reading Psychology

Religious Studies

Reasons to study this course You want to study ethics and in particular the Buddhist religion in depth. You want to tackle the greatest philosophical theories and ideas. You aim to become an enlightened thinker, being able to contribute to the ethical debates of the greatest minds. What you will need to study this course… Continue Reading Religious Studies


Reasons to study this course You are actively concerned about the world around you and want to do something useful and constructive within it. You are interested in issues in wider society such as gender equality, education, crime prevention strategies and demographic changes. You want to further develop your skills of analysis and evaluation. What… Continue Reading Sociology