Applied Human Biology

Further your understanding of Biology by learning more about humans: from conception through aging, in sickness and in health. You’ll cover topics such as genetics, cell biology, organ systems, immunology as well as learning practical microbiological and healthcare diagnostic techniques. This course is suitable for those interested in a career in healthcare science, biomedicine and… Continue Reading Applied Human Biology

Applied Science

Reasons to study this course It offers an exciting look at science through applications rather than theory. You will conduct in-depth practical work and your own research. Learning methods include completing assignments, case studies and projects based on workplace situations. You will learn about demands and legislation that exist in the workplace. You will develop… Continue Reading Applied Science


Reasons to study this course You are interested in the science of life and how organisms function and interact. Biology affects everyone through medical science and scientific developments such as curing genetic diseases, developing drugs, fertility treatments and improving nutrition. You want to study changes in the environment and how species are affected. What you… Continue Reading Biology


Reasons to study this course Chemistry is everywhere, from microscopic organisms to distant galaxies, from medical discoveries to volcanic eruptions. It is the only science that is compulsory for further study of medicine. Opportunities to develop teamwork, communication, digital, scientific literacy and application of number skills. You will have the chance to conduct experiments as… Continue Reading Chemistry


Reasons to study this course Electronics is fundamental to today’s technological society, whether the application is from telecommunications, medical equipment, entertainment or industry. It is a practical course that will develop problem solving and circuit design skills, as well as some programming which is increasingly a major part of electronic engineering. Electronics is an excellent… Continue Reading Electronics


Reasons to study this course Most of our students aspire to a career in engineering.  Those opting for traditional routes such as civil, mechanical and electrical will need to take it alongside A level maths and 2 other subjects one of which should be STEM (e.g. physics, electronics, chemistry or computer science).  Future design engineers… Continue Reading Engineering

Environmental Science

Reasons to study this course You will acquire a deep scientific understanding of current issues such as global warming, extinction, alternative energies and resources You will learn to navigate environmentalist / anti-environmentalist propaganda and hard scientific evidence You will be exposed to current scientific development and opportunities You can combine with Geology, Geography and BTEC… Continue Reading Environmental Science

Further Maths

Reasons to study this course As an addition to A-Level Mathematics it provides a wider breadth of Mathematics. It is useful if you wish to progress to further study in Maths, Engineering or any Maths-related course. Enables you to use your talent in Maths and to achieve your full potential. What you will need to… Continue Reading Further Maths


Reasons to study this course Allows you to understand the processes that have shaped the present pattern of continents and oceans. Helps you understand natural geological hazards, as well as those caused by human activity. Gives you a comprehensive understanding on how life has evolved throughout Earth’s history. Opportunity to learn your subject not just… Continue Reading Geology

Mathematical Studies (Core Maths)

Reasons to study this course Gives you the numeracy skills to compete for jobs with better salaries. It will strengthen your maths skills, vital for many careers. Helpful if you study Geography, Business Studies, Psychology or Economics. The course will deepen your skill in the selection and use of mathematical methods and techniques. What you… Continue Reading Mathematical Studies (Core Maths)


Reasons to study this course It is a highly regarded subject, which complements all other courses. You enjoyed Mathematics at GCSE and like a challenge. You want to progress to a degree or career where Mathematics is a key component. What you will need to study this course Grade 7 or above in GCSE maths… Continue Reading Maths


Reasons to study this course Physics leads the advancement of technology from quantum computing to the drive for a carbon neutral society. It seeks to answer fundamental questions such as the origin of the universe and the ultimate fate of stars, to interactions of subatomic particles, unleashing the mathematical beauty of the universe. Physicists work… Continue Reading Physics