Drive to inspire young people


Paralympian Sarah Storey with the Knowledge Express
Paralympian Sarah Storey with the Knowledge Express

PRIESTLEY has launched a drive to inspire young people in Warrington to achieve great things.

A bus that carries its students from Helsby to Warrington has been wrapped with the faces of high achievers and inspirational characters.

Deputy Principal Matthew Grant said he hoped it would act as a constant reminder to its students and everyone in Warrington to aim high.

“We are firm believers at Priestley that with hard work and a positive attitude anyone can reach their full potential,” he said.

“The people we have chosen to appear on the Knowledge Express have inspired generations and we hope they will continue to do so in Warrington.”

Athlete Sarah Storey – who has won 11 Paralympic gold medals – turned the key in the ignition to the bus on Thursday (November 13) and was joined by Ian Howard from Springfield who run the service.

Her face represents the world of sport alongside greats from the worlds of science, technology, music, art and literature.

Sarah, who also has 24 World Championship titles, said: “I was honoured to be asked to be the face of sport on Priestley’s bus, but it is surreal to see it alongside these other well-known names.

“I hope the Knowledge Express achieves its goal to inspire others to reach their full potential.”

Knowledge Express 1 webThe Knowledge Express will mainly be used on the route from Helsby to Warrington, but could also make appearances along roads between Culcheth, Winwick, Newton-le-Willows and Widnes.

Staring out at passers-by will be the late Steve Jobs, inspirational leader of Apple, as well as Albert Einstein whose theory of relativity changed science forever.

Shakespeare has a seat on the bus, his words still entertain audiences hundreds of years after his death as do those of Oscar Wilde who ‘sits’ next to him.

Also along for the ride is Van Gough who had a far-reaching influence on 20th century art.

Student President and College Governor Ben Craven said: “A lot of us will see these faces every day on the way to college and it is a reminder of what can be achieved with dedication and making the most of your talent.”

Ian, from Springfield Bus Company, said: “We now provide the best network of education bus services in the borough, covering four routes which carries hundreds of students a day from within Warrington and beyond.

“This wrapped bus is a proud testament to the success of the partnership between the college and Springfield.”

* Thanks to Karen Hewis for supplying the picture of Sarah Storey which has been used on the bus.

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