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Elevate Education has revolutionised the way study skills are taught around the world.

Having benchmarked the study habits of thousands of past students, our award-winning seminars cover the techniques utilised by the country’s top students. 15 years of experience demonstrates that any student can improve performance by tapping into, and replicating, these techniques.The Elevate Education parents’ evening creates a triangulation between the school, the parents and Elevate, providing a catalyst for positive behavioural change in students.

We have found that schools that follow-up the seminars at home have higher levels of skill uptake amongst their students compared to schools that simply run the in-class seminars.

Presenters will be able to answers any questions parents may be having about being the parent of a secondary school student. Typical questions are:

  • How do I help my child become more motivated?
  • How do I help my child improve their time management?
  • What work should my child be doing?
  • How do I help my child deal with distractions?

The presenters will answers these questions by highlighting critical techniques from the Elevate seminars. For example:

  • Creating realistic goals that actually work
  • Developing an effective study timetable that parents can help design
  • Providing parents with a road map of what work students should be doing and when
  • Understanding the impact of distractions and the best ways to manage them

Priestley College 2018-19 Elevate Education Programme

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