Engineers show their mettle

engineersFOUR young engineers have proved their weight in gold.

Priestley’s Natalie Renshaw, Owen Smith, Ben Brown and Alex Smith worked with three engineers from Sellafield Ltd to work out a solution to a problem posed by the company.

The challenge was set as part of the Engineering Education Scheme that is pursued by many Priestley students interested in a career in this field.

Due to the complex nature of the project the students were awarded the prestigious CREST Gold award in recognition of their creativity and innovation.

“This is a great accolade for any student, but particularly those looking to pursue a career in engineering,” said Tutor Stephen Pennington.

“They’ve worked extremely hard and this project has given them a unique chance to work with a renowned company.”

Sellafield set a challenge centred on removing sludge waste from a silo.

The students attended a residential at Liverpool University where they worked on their proposed solutions and gave a talk to a panel of engineers about their ideas.

Judges praised their report and award the students the CREST Gold award.

“We would especially like to thank Sellafield engineers Alex, Grace and Katherine for supporting the Priestley team,” said Stephen.

“It was a fabulous experience for the students involved and they gained a lot of transferable skills.”

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