Engineers take flight

flying team webYOUNG engineers put their skills to the test when they designed and built model planes.

Two teams from Priestley College constructed very different planes with the help of experts from Warrington Flying Club and Halton Flying Club.

Tutor Steve Pennington said: “They were given a specific brief so it was a good test of their design and engineering skills.

“It was also an opportunity to develop their ability to work in a team and it was good for them to learn from the experts from the flying clubs who are already top engineers.”

The teams – who all study AS Maths and Physics as a prerequisite at Priestley College – built their planes following a brief set by the British Model Flying Association’s for its Electric Lift Challenge.

They had to build a plane that could carry a number of tennis balls along an aerial course at Elvington Airfield in Yorkshire.

Each group was given a power supply as well as a maximum wing length and asked to come up with a great design.

“They came up with two totally different ideas,” said Steve. “Both teams enjoyed the experience of designing their plane and also learnt new skills in actually building it.”

The competition was eventually won by students from a Chinese university.

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