English students to publish anthology

SOME writers can wait years to see their work published and for others it never happens at all.

That’s not the story for Priestley College’s poets and authors, however, as once again they will have their work published in a creative writing anthology.

“It gives students the opportunity to be professionally published, which can be motivational and is a reward for their hard work,” said Tutor Chris Atherton.

“The anthology is open to anyone in college and people from different curriculum areas have submitted work. It takes their work that one step beyond the classroom and it has helped inspired past students to pursue creative writing after Priestley.”

Last year’s highly-successful anthology was edited by former students Kaye Blundell, Charlie Brittlebank and Libby Jordan.

It contained everything from haikus to free verse, drama and short stories.

Among the published works were two by former Lymm High pupil Charlie Brittlebank who wrote about relationships with his parents.

He said: “I always hope with my writing to capture the feeling of small moments that have significance to one person.

“I hope these pieces convey my own experiences and feelings. Writing is personal and all I wish is that my writing reflects some part of me.”

This year’s anthology will be sold to raise money for the Priestley Education and Training Trust (PETT), a charity set up by the college to support current and former students through grants, donations and other payments.

Chris said: “It is a huge incentive to see your work in print and to know that is has made the grade.

Many students have bought the anthology as a gift for parents or as a memento of their time at college and for many it will be the first time their work has been published.”

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