The Graduate

Unique to Priestley this programme works with students aiming to study at Russell Group universities – including Oxbridge – with the aim of unlocking their potential and raising their aspirations.

The Graduate is focussed on making our students competitive in the national and international market place for universities and employment. It offers:

• Specialist coaching

• Exciting opportunities at leading universities including Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester, Durham, London, York and Warwick

• Challenges that take you out of your comfort zone and help prepare you for application and interviews

• A bespoke support group

• Visiting lecturers

• Specialist advice and guidance

In recent years leading lecturers and professors from Oxford, Cambridge, York, Leeds, Salford, Liverpool and Chester Universities all contributed to our programme by judging our annual essay competition.

First year students are given invaluable feedback prior to university application in their second year. It is a great opportunity and one that can make a real difference!


Writing with passion

Students on The Graduate programme are able to write about some of the things they are most passionate about as part of an essay challenge. The topics they choose are both varied and fascinating. Here are most recent examples of their work..

No more boys and girls’ – Isabelle Morris

Biology – Vincent Chriscoli

Book review – Architectural Design Procedures

Book review – Oxygen, The molecule that made the World

Book review – Quantum

Book review – Viral Chemistry

Chaucer’s plain, peculiar tails – Isabelle Morris

Early Modern History – Sophie Johnson

English Literature – Katharine Fidgeon

History – Molly Nanson

How Earthquakes Affect the Design of Buildings – Catherine Cooper

In Search of the Edge of Time review

Life in colour – Lauren Galligan

Molecular Machinery – Aidan Simcock

Music – Fiona Baxter

The Human Genome Project – Niamh Shaw

What interests me about Biology – Rebecca Fenelon

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