Westwood internship for Kirsty

Special report by student Hatti Porteous


22 year old Kirsty Owen, an ex student at Priestley College is now working on an internship in London with Vivienne Westwood.

Prior to Priestley, Kirsty attended Padgate High School and whilst at college studied A levels in Maths, Biology, Textiles and Art.

Having completed 2 years studying at Sheffield Hallam University, Kirsty is now spending her placement year working with the famous designer, before returning to university to complete her studies.

Working as an intern, Kirsty told me her tasks can vary from day to day. She is currently helping work on next years collection, and her daily tasks can include completing drawings, creating fabric charts and attending regular meetings with Vivienne Westwood herself!

Kirsty is loving her life at Vivienne Westwood, and was a student at Priestley like you not long ago. Perhaps this could be you in a few years?

‘I have always been 100% sure i wanted to go into fashion,’ Kirsty told me. Asking if she had any advice for students wanting to pursue a career in fashion, she replied, ‘anyone can do it!’ She explained the importance of educating yourself in fashion and the industry that surrounds it. She also told me knowing what your personal ethos is as a designer can be a good way to find yourself in the fashion world.

Kirsty stressed the importance of having a good relationship with your tutors in college, and explained how they can be very useful when it comes to giving you advice for the future, and helping you achieve your goals.

Kirsty is hoping to apply for a job at Vivienne Westwood after her graduation, and says she is working with an amazing team and thoroughly enjoying each day! We wish Kirsty all the best and hope that her inspiring story puts hope in some of our students’ eyes, that with hard work and passion you can do anything! Does fashion interest you? If so maybe you could be working on an internship at Vivienne Westwood in the years to come!

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