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Wednesday 24 June 2020 will be a Contingency Day for all exam boards in the UK

In line with Ofqual regulations, this date will only be used in the highly unlikely event of major local or national disruption to summer 2020 exams, in which case it is possible that timetable dates could be affected up to and including the contingency day. Therefore students will need to make sure that they are available until 24 June 2020.

If the contingency day needs to be used, Exam boards will contact the Priestley College Exams Office with details of what to do next and will inform students as soon as possible. Where candidates choose not to be available for the rescheduled examination(s) for exceptional reasons covered by special consideration, the Exam board will not take their absence on this day in to account.

Parents’ top tips – exam essentials

There are many ways to help take the stress out of exams. We will be supporting your son / daughter in college, but these are some of the tips we you can pass on or reinforce so give your child the best chance of success:

  • Have a revision plan
  • Have a break and do something you enjoy
  • Cover all areas in your plan
  • Spend more time on the more challenging topics
  • Break topics down in to manageable chunks
  • Have a go at some past papers under timed conditions
  • Try different revision techniques; testing which work for you
  • Do short bursts of focused revision sessions of 30-40 minutes
  • Get your rest as you need to be really alert in the exam
  • Eat well and regularly
  • Always have your College ID. THIS IS COMPULSORY FOR EVERY EXAM.
  • Get prepared the night before with all your exam equipment.


Something to think about when you are revising..

For information about the Do’s and Don’ts of exams, see below..

EXAMS_do’s and don’ts

Feed your brain

We are offering free breakfasts throughout the exam period..


Useful links

Below are links to some useful support


App to help reduce stress:

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Advice for students:

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Advice for parents:


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