Expert’s thought-provoking focus on the brain

DSC01499AN eminent biologist met students at Priestley College to share his knowledge of Neuroscience.

Dr Guy Sutton, Honorary Consultant Assistant Professor at the University of Nottingham Medical School, is an expert in the genetics of neurodevelopment and neuropathology.

During his visit to Priestley he dissected a sheep’s brain and discussed brain anatomy across species from flies to dolphins.

“It was great hearing from such an expert on the brain,” said Dr Louise Norbury, Head of Biology at Priestley College.

“His insight was really thought-provoking and he talked passionately about the subject, which was very inspiring for all the students.”

Dr Sutton has been a visiting researcher to universities in America and conducted research and data analysis for various organisations, including the Department of Health and the Medical Research Council.

He has presented research findings at international conferences and talked about the theoretical and clinical aspects of his research on television and radio.

During his time at Priestley he examined brain cells under a microscope and lectured on basic brain anatomy, out-of-body experiences and consciousness in coma.

Students also heard about brain damage and Alzheimer’s disease as well as computer-brain interfaces in paraplegia.

“We strive to give our students access to prominent experts and Dr Sutton is certainly a leading figure in Neuroscience,” said Dr Norbury.

“We are grateful to him for giving Priestley students an informative and engaging experience.”

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