Fast track to success for Zohra and Ciara

Zohra Najimi and Ciara Glennon have completed their Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) in record time.

TWO students at Priestley College have taken a step towards securing their futures in medicine and dentistry.

High fliers Zohra Najimi and Ciara Glennon completed their Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) in record time and are predicted high grades when the results are in.

Increasing numbers of universities are making lower offers to students with a high grade in EPQ because it demonstrates they already have many of the skills to succeed at degree level.

“I don’t take any essay-based subjects so it was really useful for me to develop those skills,” said Zohra, who is studying A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Maths.

The former Cardinal Newman RC High School pupil, who is also Vice President of the College Council, wrote 14,000 words exploring the subject: ‘Antibiotic resistance: The silent tsunami?’

She referenced 44 sources including the NHS, World Health Organisation as well as other Government records and professional journals.

Now her goal is to study medicine at university while Ciara wants to focus on dentistry.

The 19-year-old completed her EPQ on whether ‘the fluoridation of water should be illegal?’ early to give herself more time to study her A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Philosophy.

Ciara, who previously studied at Loreto Grammar School, said being a dentist would allow her to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

“I always thought I would aim for a career in science because it’s just the way my brain works, I see patterns in everything,” said Ciara, who lives in Appleton.

“I was raised by a single mum who is a doctor so it never crossed my mind that I couldn’t pursue a career in dentistry.”

Priestley’s Head of Humanities Ian Hughes, who oversees the EPQ, praised both students and said: “The standard of their projects suggests that, not only are these two very capable young scientists, they will also achieve very high grades.

“The EPQ has been a perfect preparation for such demanding undergraduate courses as medicine and dentistry so we wish them well in securing their places and their time at university.”

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