Fun and facts in equal measure

maths juggler 3 webJUGGLING a maths equation can be tough enough, but try doing it while juggling five balls at the same time.

That’s what Dr Colin Wright did during a talk to AS Maths and A2 Further Maths students at Priestley College.

In an entertaining lecture, the maths and juggling whizz explained how his subject has a far-reaching impact in all walks of life.

“We asked Dr Wright to talk to the students because he is so entertaining and informative,” said Tutor Steve Nixon.

“He gave them an insight into maths that was different to the classroom.”

Dr Wright – also a unicyclist, fire breather and doctor of pure mathematics (Cambridge University) – delivered his talk with intermittent demonstrations of juggling.

Most impressive, however, was when he discussed complicated subjects such as space time theory, synchronous patterns and negative numbers while performing his circus trick.

The lecture was thought-provoking, but also full of humour that drew many laughs from nearly 40 enthralled students.

At one point his words were spoken so quickly they were almost as blurred as the juggling balls as he explained ‘if they’re easy to catch they’re easy to catch’ over and over at an increasing speed.

Dr Wright’s message was clear, maths is fun!

His method showed that with lateral thinking, maths and some imagination, juggling tricks can be accurately described by a simple series of numbers.

“The students really enjoyed his talk and were amazed as much by his maths as his juggling,” said Steve.

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