Hannah hopes to make a difference

A Priestley student hopes that by sharing her own experiences in a new book she will be helping others who suffer with mental health issues.

Hannah Bromley has written two chapters in the newly-published ‘My Intense Emotions Handbook’ authored by the psychologists Dr Sue Knowles and Dr Bridie Gallagher.

“I hope that it will reach as many young people as possible who may be struggling with their feelings and emotions,” said Hannah.

“It’s not just for people who suffer from a mental health problem, but for anyone who feels like their emotions can take control. Ultimately, I want people to know that firstly it’s ok to not be ok and secondly that they’re not alone.”

Hannah, whose A-Levels include Biology, Chemistry and Psychology, spoke at a conference in 2017 about her mental health journey and afterwards Dr Knowles promised to contact her if any suitable projects came up.

It was 18 months later when the idea for ‘My Intense Emotions Handbook’ was put to Hannah who immediately understood its importance.

“I had battled with mental illness since the age of 12 and I remember someone recommending a book to help me,” she said.

“It was full of small black writing on every page and used big words such as nocent (which apparently means guilt) and it went straight over my head. I wanted to be involved in creating a book that I knew many young people would benefit from because it was in an accessible form.”

As well as writing her chapters Hannah, who previously attended New Horizons, contributed ideas for different skills and techniques that can be used to deal with mental health issues.

The 19-year-old said that as well as discovering how difficult it was to write a book, she also learnt something about herself.

“It made me realise how far I had come,” she said. “When you go from day to day you don’t realise the progress you’re making, it’s only when something big happens that you reflect on where you are now.

“Although I have been through some really hard times, those times have made me the person I am today.”

Priestley College recently named Hannah one of its ‘Priestley Heroes’ in recognition of the contribution she has made to the local community by volunteering as a SHOUT crisis line worker.

Assistant Principal Mark Eccleston said: “We’re very proud of Hannah and the way she is so committed to making other people’s lives better. Her efforts are truly inspirational.”

My Intense Emotions Handbook is available through Amazon, WH Smith and Waterstones.

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