Healthy futures for Pre Med students

FASTBLEEP webUNIVERSITY students looked to inspire a future generation of medics as Priestley College.

Fastbleep Schools is run by students at the University of Manchester and aims to help young people secure a place at medical school.

11 volunteers from the university met Pre Med students at Priestley to discuss how they can pursue a future in the profession.

“We understand that it is difficult for high school or college students without doctors in their family to become inspired to study medicine and for sixth form students to get support for their applications,” said Kristina Deakin, Volunteers Director at Fastbleep Schools.

“We hope to provide that inspiration and act as role models in order to push these pupils to get the most out of themselves, both academically and in their spare time, giving them the best possible opportunity when it comes to the application process.”

During a two-hour session and six workshops the university students highlighted the diverse skills and knowledge required to study medicine at university.

One essential skill, the Priestley cohort was told, is being able to empathise with a patient.

FASTBLEEP2 webPractical skills that were demonstrated included taking blood pressure, using otoscopes and testing reflexes, suturing, CPR and learning anatomy.

There were 16 students from Priestley College taking part and all were praised for their enthusiasm and knowledge about the human body.

“They made the most of their opportunity to talk with our medical student volunteers to ask a variety of questions such as ‘How is the medical course delivered at The University of Manchester?’ and ‘How difficult is it to study medicine?’” said Kristina.

“Overall, they were a very polite and enthusiastic group of students with a great amount of potential to succeed in medicine if they were to choose to do so.”

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