IB students make their mark on the world

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Connor Simpson is one of the IB students at Priestley College who benefits from the support of Language Assistant Sandra Evans.

STUDYING the International Baccalaureate prepares young people for making their mark on the world.

Priestley College students currently taking the IB have been offered places at Oxford University and previous alumni have gone on to achieve their personal and academic goals.

The College has now organised an IB Information event on Thursday 7 March (6.30pm to 7.30pm) for those interested in learning more about the qualification.

“It is recognised internationally as an excellent qualification for both university and employment, marking students out from the crowd,” said Carol Mtitmila, IB Programme Coordinator at Priestley.

“The IB is for young people who are ambitious and adventurous and who want to learn more about the global society in which they live.”

Young people in 144 countries study the IB, giving them a broader understanding of the world around them.

Universities respect the qualification and IB students develop into inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people.

Priestley student Niamh Costello, formerly of Lymm High School, has just been offered a place at Oxford after studying the IB.

She said: “The IB interested me because of the way it appeals to universities.

“You get to keep a breadth of subjects without losing the depth of knowledge and it helps you to keep your options open.”

The IB is for young people who are ambitious and is particularly suited to those who enjoy academic study and, therefore, are not sure which subjects to drop at college.

All students study a balanced programme consisting of six subjects, three at higher level and three at standard level.

The IB requires the learner to take part in some kind of service to a community such as coaching a football team, helping at brownies, volunteering in an old people’s home or organising a charity event.

Another part of the IB focuses on knowledge, investigating how we know what we know, prompting learners to think for themselves and recognise the need to think critically about every aspect of their learning throughout life.

IB students will also be asked to complete an extended 4,000-word essay providing the perfect preparation for university.

“Universities like IB students because they are well prepared for the more independent style of studying necessary at degree level,” said Carol.

“They value the breadth of the IB programme and understand the unique qualities it develops in young people.”

To find out more about the IB information event call Admissions on 01925 415415.

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