International magazine sets graphic design challenge

Graphic design live briefwebGRAPHIC design students have been given the chance to have their work published in 53 different countries.

Professional Imagemaker magazine has challenged the Priestley College students to design some of its pages and the chosen ones will be seen around the world.

“It is an incredible opportunity and one the students are really excited about,” said Tutor Paul McConnell.

“To have designs in your portfolio that you can say have been published by an international magazine is an amazing thing.”

Mike McNamee, editor of Image Maker Magazine, used to be a lecturer at Priestley and has continued his relationship with the College, sponsoring one of the annual student awards.

He has met students in College to discuss the magazine and set them the live brief. The detailed, hi-spec challenge will keep them busy for several weeks before they have to present back to the magazine.

“From our point of view I see this as a great opportunity to rub shoulders with some fresh, young minds,” said Mike.

Professional Imagemaker is renowned as one of the most informative magazines in the photographic business.

It is aimed at professional photographers through to serious enthusiasts and features articles on photographic techniques, software, specialist interviews, practical advice and photographic inspiration.

Paul McConnell said the magazine had offered students a unique experience of working to a live brief.

“From the students’ point of view it is an invaluable experience even if their designs are not the ones that are chosen,” he said.

“To work to such a hi-spec for a client like this will give them a real glimpse of the world of work and increase their employability.”

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