Land of opportunity opens up for language students

PRIESTLEY students found out more about a land of new opportunities during the ‘Manchester Centre for Languages and Cultures’ launch event.

The language students took part in a workshop entitled ‘China: the land of new opportunities’ in which they explored the opportunities China has to offer, learnt about the culture and some of the Mandarin language.

“After the workshop we all returned to the lecture hall where Theo Maarten Van Lint, a Professor of Armenian studies at the University of Oxford, gave a talk on Armenian language, poetry and storytelling,” said former Cardinal Newman pupil Matthew Peach, who is studying German, Chemistry, English, Maths and Biology at Priestley.

“It was a topic which none of us knew anything about before the lecture; however, during the hour long presentation, it soon became clear to us how fascinating Armenian culture was.

“Everyone left the evening with a new found insight into the diverse and rich world of languages as well as a full stomach – courtesy of a detour to the fish and chip shop on the way back!”

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