Lucy Rodham

Lucy finished her CGD course at Priestley under difficult circumstances last June, and was diagnosed with a serious neurological disorder which manifested over the summer. 


Despite this she started at Falmouth University in September, ignoring her worsening condition, which wasn’t formally diagnosed until October, and has only recently started to be treated.


Lucy overcame her shyness and brought together her six housemates, who were confined to their house when all teaching moved online. 


Two of her housemates were oversees students and had not been to England before. She decided not to return to Warrington when five of her housemates went home in early December because her Polish housemate was unable to return home.


She was concerned, not for herself or her condition, but that he would be on his own in a strange country over Christmas, and possibly well beyond, due to the tightening lockdown restrictions.


Lucy has taken him under her wing, and also started to write letters to the few people who were still on the campus, giving her address and email details so they had someone to communicate with over Christmas.

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