Making History reaches historic landmark

PRIESTLEY College’s history magazine has reached its own landmark – its 20th edition.

Making History was launched in 2008 to give students an enrichment opportunity that also helped them prepare for university.

“We wanted to give students the chance to pursue their interest in history outside of the classroom,” said Tutor Oliver Lister.

“It stretches them academically because they have to do their own research and write extended articles, which is great preparation for university.”

Contributors can choose a subject and then carry out their own research before producing opinion pieces, factual articles and quizzes.

Over the years they have tackled everything from the Vietnam War and the Tudors to the history of Warrington Rugby League.

One more unique view was on Star Wars and how it fits in with established historical narratives and events.

Former Culcheth High School pupil Tom Fairfax wrote about Dr Seuss in his recent article after being inspired by the cartoon Appeasement.

He focussed on Seuss’ less well-known talents as a political cartoonist.

“The History Society gives me the opportunity to look into areas of history that I would not usually get the chance to write about,” he said.

“Writing for Making History is a refreshing alternative to writing exam answers because there is no specific structure that needs to be followed and this makes finishing an article feel rewarding.

“The editing process has improved the way I write because it has made me more critical of my own articles.”

Making History is available in print and online.

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