Matthew strikes gold in Olympiad

A STUDENT struck gold in a challenge that tested his application of chemistry.

Matthew Turton, who studies A-Level Chemistry, Physics and Maths at Priestley College, finished in the top 8% in the country in the annual UK Chemistry Olympiad.

“We were tested on the knowledge we’ve learnt in college, but also what we have picked up outside of class,” said Matthew.

“I knew some Physics that came up in the paper and that really helped.”

The two-hour paper – taken at Priestley College – covered topics as diverse as nuclear decay and the shapes of molecules.

From Priestley, 15 chemistry students took up the challenge and all received a certificate for taking part.

Matthew, a former pupil at Bridgewater High School, plans to study Materials Science and Engineering at Sheffield University after completing his A-Levels.

He said: “The Olympiad was a challenge, but it also gives you something to put on your personal statement that will help make you stand out.”

Priestley Tutor Wendy Winnard congratulated all the students who participated and said it was great preparation for the forthcoming A-Level exams.

“Universities and employers are looking for that extra something from our young people so this kind of experience goes a long way,” she said.

“Students took the paper in their own time and built up extra knowledge outside the classroom in order to give themselves the best possible chance of success.”

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