Medal success for scientists

PRIESTLEY enjoyed a successful medal haul in the most recent Chemistry, Physics and Biology Olympiads.

One Priestley A2 learner secured gold in both Chemistry and Physics and has gone through to the international round.

Also in the Physics contest Sam Chilcott secured bronze while commendations were awarded to Sam Brown and Alice Drinkwater.

All had completed an hour-long paper of mathematical and applied questions that demanded independent thinking.

Amongst AS students who took a different paper, three bronzes were awarded and two further commendations.

The British Physics Olympiad (BPhO) aims to encourage the study of Physics and recognise excellence in young physicists through four annual Physics competitions.

“It gives them great practice at open-ended and unstructured questions, the kind they will encounter at higher levels of study,” said Tutor Deb Pressage.

“It is also a chance to gain a prestigious award for CVs and UCAS forms and develop the skills required for admission to the top universities.”

In the 46th Chemistry Olympiad Priestley students achieved five bronze and one gold medal.

The questions in round one often stimulate much debate on, and enthusiasm for, chemistry – raising awareness of what the subject is all about.

Again, tackling the questions provides a good opportunity to develop some of the skills required for study at university and beyond.

In total, 4,574 students entered the competition and only 7% achieved gold with 32% securing bronze.

“The students have been very proactive taking part in this competition,” said Tutor Barbara Schofield.

In the Biology contest Mike Ross picked up a bronze while two other Priestley students were highly commended and further five received commendations.

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