Medical students breathe new life into their profession

ASPIRING medics picked up some tips on how to secure their dream careers during a workshop at Priestley College.

Fastbleep Schools organised for medical students from The University of Manchester to guide Priestley’s cohort through a series of exercises including resuscitation, suturing, First Aid and bandaging.

In another exercise they examined human physiology and during the sessions shared their advice on how to secure a place at a medical school.

“For our students to hear from those who have already taken that next step on the road to becoming a doctor or medic was a great opportunity,” said Tutor Shahida Khanam.

“Fastbleep visit us every year and every year our students feel inspired believing they too can achieve their career goals.”

Fastbleep Schools is a non-profit organisation that helps people apply to medical school.

One of their aims is to give students a taste of what it is like to be a doctor, and how to go about becoming one.

Students gained a further insight into the profession thanks to a visit from A&E doctor Astrid Prahms.

Astrid, who is based at Whiston, demonstrated the art of bandaging to a group of xx students

“Not only do the students learn a skill from these visiting experts they are also able to draw on their experiences in the workplace,” said Shahida.

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