Mother’s achievement is a lesson for all

A MOTHER who went back to the classroom so she could help her children with their homework is encouraging others to do the same.

Hanicka Musilova, who lives in Appleton, took adult classes with Priestley College so that she could better support her son and daughter.

“I am no longer the mum who can’t help with homework, who doesn’t know and doesn’t understand,” she said.

“For anyone wondering whether to join a class I would say ‘just go and do it’. Don’t worry that anybody will judge you if you don’t understand, there is so much help and support available even out of class.

“You gain confidence and knowledge and you can change your life and career completely. It is also great inspiration for your children who can see your efforts, be inspired and encouraged.”

Hanicka has studied Level 2 Maths, GCSE Maths and GCSE English with Priestley. She said the courses helped her to understand not only the Maths her children were learning, but also the stress they faced in taking exams.

It was thanks to some techniques used by tutors Anne McGrath and Steve Hale, that Maths finally started to add up and English became a joy.

“It was as if someone gave me glasses so I could see, things were all of a sudden so clear,” said Hanicka.

“For the first time in my life I was enjoying Maths, I understood quadratic equations and I was looking forward to going to class to learn more.”

After Hanicka, who is originally from Czech Republic, completed her GCSEs she was supported by Priestley College in writing a personal statement and received guidance from careers adviser Ian Edge.

It has inspired her to study further and she is now a full-time student taking an Integrated Masters in Mental Health Nursing at the University of Chester.

“I’ve seen how much difference professionals in mental health can change someone’s life,” she said.

“I started to be very interested in the field and would like to work with families and children in the future.”

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