Mummy makes the day at Manchester Museum

STUDENTS got up close to a 2500-year-old cat during a recent study visit.

Priestley College’s budding archaeologists were at The Manchester Museum when they came face-to-face with the pet that was mummified by the Egyptians.

“They were asked to investigate its age and function – for example whether it was a religious sacrifice – using advanced university techniques,” said Tutor Oliver Lister.

“We posed the question: What does the mummified cat tell us about ancient cultures? and they were asked to compile a report on what they thought it represented.”

17 students enjoyed a day of hands-on activities at the museum, which is now home to six million items and boasts world-class scholars.

As well seeing the museum’s impressive displays the students also learnt about the lifecycle of an archaeological dig and technology in archaeology.

Each experience – including examining historic iron beads, axe heads and pottery – helped prepare them for their A-Level exams.

One of the main objectives of the day was to show there are a range of careers available in this field.

“We wanted them to know that archaeology is not just about digging,” said Oliver.

“There are a range of careers available including working within the scientific research that goes on in universities.”

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