Nina focusses on life as a photographer

Nina Pang
Nina Pang

NINA Pang believes photographs do more than capture a moment, they tell a story.That’s why she does what she does, taking pictures of people across the world and drawing inspiration from nature, laughter, changes in season, love and even sadness.

Nina, who studied BTEC Art and Design at Priestley College in Warrington, is now an international photographer with an eye for a unique image.

“I believe everyone has a different story and I like to capture those stories through photos,” she said.

It was her time at Priestley that allowed her to experiment with different styles and discover her true passion.

She has since returned to Priestley to give advice and tips to the photographers of the future.

Although based in Manchester she classes herself as an international photographer prepared to work in any country. She’s picked up work in Hong Kong and next year has an assignment in Singapore.

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A couple in their wedding car

The 22-year-old focusses her talents on portraits, weddings, fashion and corporate events, preferring people to landscapes because of her love of expressing a story in her work.

“I love capturing the moment, capturing a memory that you can keep forever,” said Nina.

“Photography changes the way you see things. It’s actually quite an incredible transformation to experience. Suddenly you notice light, shapes, colours, textures and people.

“Everything around you looks different when you start to see the world as a photographer.”

Nina grew up in Hong Kong and moved to the UK when she was 14 when she lived in Wales. Her family then moved to Runcorn and she attended Priestley College before moving on to Manchester University.

Her creativity, she says, has been enhanced by experiencing different cultures from around the world.

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The mother and father of the groom

She took her first picture at 16 when her mother bought her a DSLR for her birthday, which she used on a college trip to New York.

From then on she continued to look for pictures that inspired her and advises other budding photographers to not be afraid of experimenting with their work.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. You have to love photography to make a great photograph, follow your heart and capture the image,” she said.

“Always think positively. When you have a positive attitude people tend to gravitate toward you.”

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